Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Perils of Poor Word Choice

I'll start off #blogjune on a lighthearted note. There may be no stupid questions, but there certainly are poorly worded ones. I can imagine that I'll be asked some strange and wonderful questions when I become a librarian, but hopefully no one will run screaming from the reference section at gunpoint.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of librarian I'd like to be. When I spoke to @katiedatwork back in January about the MLIS program, she said I could figure it out as I go. Thank goodness! The more I learn the more there is to learn. Over the past three months I've discovered professions I didn't know existed, and am now able to give friends less vague answers to the question: "What do you learn in your library degree anyway?"

I am so excited about the possibilities! I've been to lots of library tours and workshops to explore the profession I'll soon find myself in. Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd. And yes, the tours only made me more excited, and more intrigued by how many industries need librarians and information professionals. Unlike the career paths of my grandparents, mine won't follow a straight line.

Libraries Interact is hosting a challenge to blog every day in June! We'll see how I go. You can follow the 60 bloggers here - - if you understand how. I'll try to make sense of it tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Julia, love the comic! Great way to start #blogjune, thanks for the laugh!