Monday, June 27, 2011

In Which I Am Out-Geeked

Jody came home today and, with a look of glee, announced, "You are doooooomed!" He then unzipped his laptop bag and extracted a PS3 disc - Portal 2.

He claims I started it by showing him the XKCD and Portal-inspired wedding cakes on Sunday Sweets edition of this week's Cake Wrecks.

We watched the opening cut scenes, then tried to play co-op mode - one of the reasons Jody was so excited to play Portal 2. He handed me a controller and we tried to run through the training but I kept looking at the ceiling, trying to walk up a wall or getting stuck in a corner, or falling in the water and needing a rebuild. I can't seem to operate both sticks at the same time (one lets you look around, the other moves you). Basically I made myself dizzy and frustrated.

Jody is now laughing because I told him I was trying to find a YouTube video to introduce Portal 2 to non-geeks. This is the best I can do, for the uninitiated.

Also in Jody's bag was a flyer from JB Hi-Fi which announced the upcoming release of a Blu-Ray edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy - the extended edition. There are 15 discs. That's a lot of hobbits.

Jody figures you could finish Portal before you watched all 26 HOURS of bonus features in the LOTR trilogy. Well - maybe he could, but I think I'd have to choose multiple hours of Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom. And I'm not one of those fangirls who sighed over Legolas.

Now Jody says he can make one of our Macbooks run Portal and the other person can play on the TV so we don't have to share the screen. I am officially out-geeked. And that's not even counting the number of hard drive, SSD drive and DVD drive caddy combinations he has suggested to modify my mac. In truth he is trying to help me, and make my computer faster so I won't freak out during assignments next semester... Anyone have any useful suggestions or comments about how you use your laptop for uni? How do you store or organise your media files?


  1. Don't let him TOUCH it!!!

  2. He has already swapped out my 160 G hard drive for a 300 G and my 2 G ram for 4 G. Mac is now 2.5 years old. Trying to get another year and a half out of it.

  3. And look at me, still enamoured and working through Portal 1. :) I've never been a hard-core gamer. And Keston loves watching me, so...

  4. The only games I've played all the way through are Machinarium (mac), Ico (PS2) and LocoRoco (PSP). I enjoy Little Big Planet as well but it's getting too difficult for me in later levels. I am not a hard-core gamer either but I do out-geek Jody in terms of books and TV shows.