Friday, June 3, 2011

Express Fish Tacos

I had a paper to write today so lunch had to be fast, but I've been trying to eat healthy. I remembered I had some basa from the market to use up (two pieces were pan-fried in spices, like so), some veggies and some tortillas, so I decided fish tacos would fit the bill.

I whacked some tinfoil into my Pyrex to make clean-up easy, then added the fish and squirted on some lemon, with a few dollops of salsa. Into the oven it went for 25 minutes at 180 (give or take - my oven's off). While it was baking I chopped up an eschallot, a bit of red pepper, and the corn off a cob. Cilantro* is what makes fish tacos delicious though, so I didn't skimp on that - and, tip from Jaime Oliver, you can chop the stems and throw them into your stir fry!

A bit of oil and heat plus a frying pan and I was in business. In went the veggies, except the leaves, for about five minutes. Next I took out the fish and chopped it roughly with a fork, then spread half a fillet on a whole wheat soft tortilla. The hot veggies and a spoon or two of salsa followed, along with a generous bunch of coriander.

Fold and place back in the Pyrex (having removed the tinfoil) to warm, then add salsa & sour cream to your plate, and enjoy! I swear this whole thing will take less than 40 minutes once the oven is up to temperature, and most of that is waiting for the fish to bake.

*Aussies call it coriander, whereas we Canadians differentiate between the leaves - cilantro - and the seeds - coriander. Don't ask me why. Eschallots and scallions and green onions are equally confusing but Donna Hay has an answer. Basically you can use any onion you have around; I had the little reddish ones that grow in clumps like garlic, which I know as eschallots.


  1. This looks fabulous!! I may even try to make these! ACK!