Friday, June 10, 2011

I. Am. Canadian.

Things that make me feel not-very-Canadian:

Being cold, in Queensland.
Near-inability to ski (I've done it twice!)
Knowing Australian wines better than Canadian
Using Australian terms instead, like capsicum
Not knowing which lake was the largest, completely within the Canadian border, on trivia night (it's Great Bear Lake)

Canada flag halifax 9 -04

Things that make me feel Canadian:

My accent
Previous homes in 3 provinces
(Slightly rusty) French
Pancakes, bacon & maple syrup
The national anthem, and flag
Poppies and Remembrance Day
My dad, who serves in the Navy

The Canucks have just GOT to win the Stanley Cup. Or we will never live it down. GO CANUCKS GO! Or alternatively, COCONUTS GO!

This parody is the best thing I've seen all week. I could not stop laughing. And it's Friday, so this is perfect! I've already tweeted it :)
Game Day

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  1. The Canucks have won Game 5, and are leading the series 3-2. If we win the next one it's over for the Bruins! If not... on to Game 7!