Monday, April 23, 2007

One more thing...

Twenty. Days.
In just under three weeks, Jody and I are getting married!!!
We're so excited we can barely stand it, and I can hardly wait until my last exam is over and I can actually think about seating arrangements and vehicles and showers and what on earth I'm going to do with my Nana when she arrives on the 2nd.
But for those of you who are wondering, the cake and flowers and photography and food are all set up and it's all going to be wonderful. And tasty--definitely tasty. The cake and food, that is.
So, if there are questions about bachelorette party stuff please talk to Michelle, my best friend/Maid of Honour; if you're wondering about a shower there's a rumour of a surprise shower being perpetuated by my Gramma but I really don't know. My mom's back in town on Tuesday afternoon, so hopefully she has some knowledge that I don't.
We are registered at The Bay, which you can view by our names (Jody's last name is Garnett with two t's) online or in-store, if you don't know where to start. There isn't anything we desperately need aside from new furniture, which we're saving up for. We most definitely do not need any tea. We likely don't need any books either, but we'll always take books. :) We like games too, and music for our iPods, and we both like to cook but aside from Pyrex and Epicure we are well-stocked.
But really, if we've invited you it's because we want you there, not because we want stuff from you. Just come. Enjoy the party, bring a camera and your dancing shoes, and remember to hug your mom the next day because it's Mother's Day.