Thursday, July 4, 2013

Creativity with heart

I finally finished a project I've had in my bead box for awhile. It's a gift for my mother - a charm bracelet with a Swarovski crystal heart, butterfly, and cancer ribbon. My mom's best friend, who is as dear to me as any blood-related aunt, is fighting cancer for the third time. Aunt Debbie is an amazingly talented watercolour artist, a daughter, a sister, a nun, a nurse, and among the best people I have ever known. Her love for God, positive outlook, and giving spirit are defining characteristics that I have always admired.

Now that she is facing that insidious disease again, these same characteristics are giving her strength. She is still positive, despite the pain and nausea that plague her. It is truly amazing how she has continued to defy science and even my mom's expectations. (Mom is also trained as a nurse.) We thought we'd lose her a year ago. I am so glad I got to see her again on my recent trip back to Canada.

A bracelet is a small thing, but I wanted Mom to have something tangible that connects her to Debbie. In early 2012 I made bracelets for Debbie, myself, my sister, and my mother.
This is actually the second bracelet I've made for Mom, because she gave hers away to Debbie's mother. That's just the kind of person my mom is. I had trouble sourcing the crystal hearts and a tiny cross to represent faith, so eventually I ordered Swarovski online and chose a ribbon in place of the cross.

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