Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wannabe Tourist

Oh the things I would do if I worked less and had kids I could borrow for a day. Last week (aka, before I caught a nasty cold) I was wandering around the harbour and saw a magnificent pirate-y ship, and a rather imposing naval vessel.

This is a replica of the HMB Endeavour.

It made me wish I could bring my friend's kids along as an excuse to climb all over the ship, look through portholes, and generally enjoy a piece of history without the awkwardness of being a lone adult on a ship's tour.
It was such a great day for it, too - look at those clouds.
So Christie... how 'bout it? Want to hop on a plane with your kids for a couple days in Oz?

Flanking the Endeavour was the HMAS Vampire, Australian flag flying high. No replica here. The museum website says it's classed as a destroyer.

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  1. Well, I could tell you how to get kids of your own PERMANENTLY, but that's probably not something you want to do just for a ship. :)

    I love those old ships, they look so...technical. *sigh* Yup, I'm a geek.