Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Conversions, Tries, and Colours

I've said it before -- I'm not sporty. I am not the ideal person to live-tweet State of Origin, Game 3. But Jody thinks I'm funny, and most of my Canuck friends are not on Twitter, so... here are my random thoughts. To get you up to speed (at least, as much as I am):
  • There are 3 kinds of rugby/football in Australia. I've been here nearly four years and still can't really tell what the difference is:
  • NRL: National Rugby League; AFL: Australian Football League; Aussie Rules, aka "footy."
    Confusingly, "the footy" can be used to describe any? So yes, I'm still confused.
  • State of Origin happens once a year and is a battle between New South Wales and Queensland. QLD has won for the past 6 years. The internet tells me Origin is rugby league.

Queensland player Petero Civenoceva takes the ball up during State of Origin 3 (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

I'm so glad they colour-code the teams.

Really? People actually say, "Go the Maroons?" and for NSW, "Go the Blues?"

The other chant is "QUEEEEENSLAAAAANDERRRRR!" I prefer this.

There's a NSW player named Tony whose nickname is T-Rex. He has excessively bright boots -  fluorescent. I approve.

Dang, these men are in good shape.


That guy just picked up the other guy by the crotch. Is that legal?

A guy had 20 stitches put in his head, but don't worry -- he put on headgear and got back out there.

52,437 spectators - 60 people short of a full stadium.

One of my friends has noted that a NSW player has a rose tattoo on his bum.

I guess that's why the posts are padded? Ouch.

Oh! One of them is losing his shorts...

And that's it! A one-point field goal has won Queensland the match, 21-20. Go the Maroons! ahem.

[Abridged conversation between sports reporter, Lockyer - aka Locky - and a QLD player]

Reporter: "Mate, how was that?"

Player: "Unbelievable, mate, unbelievable."

Reporter: "How is this crowd?"

Player: "Unbelievable, mate, unbelievable."

Reporter: "Well done, mate."

Player:  "Thanks, mate."

Afterward, Jody picks up his untouched wine glass.
Jody: I think we're supposed to drink beer, not wine.
Me: At least I'm drinking mine. And anyway, it's maroon wine!


  1. LMAO. Oh man. Your post was hilarious.

    I could describe the difference for you if you really wanted. :)

    And yeah, the Queensland team is also known as the Cane Toads, and the NSW team is the Cockroaches. So go the Maroons is probably better.

    It's so stirring when the crwod sings the national anthem, right? And when they all yell out QUEENSLANDER! There's one player from the 90s who came up with the chant one game when the players were coming out for the start of the 2nd half - he yelled at as they were coming down the tunnel. It's stuck ever since.

    1. I laughed so hard my eyes shut and I stopped breathing. I didn't realise they were ACTUALLY called the Cockroaches, even though someone else on Twitter said QLD would crush the Cockroaches.

  2. I can't help myself, Aussie rules and Afl are the same thing. You left ut Rugby Union. Then again, No one understands union, so air enough

    1. I figured someone could correct me :)