Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Here is my Valentine's Day outfit... with new little shoes! I bought them on sale in Melbourne. The pendant I'm wearing is a Murano glass heart.

And here is a cupcake. I hope all my readers had a lovely day with someone special!

Jody and I went out for dinner on the 13th (and had a whole bottle of bubbly, wheeee!) because on the 14th we were busy buying a car! Whoa! It's like all our Valentine's Days came at once. Better than flowers, really, and it will last much longer. Now we can get out of the city for a romantic weekend!


  1. What did you buy for a car?

    Holy pete you're cute. Keep that up. (and the shoes are good, too)

    Glad you had a good holiday!

  2. Aww, thanks! *blushes*
    It's a 2008 Yaris hatchback (manual! eek!) and it's still slightly weird knowing there's a car in our garage.