Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I beg your indulgence

Gentle reader, I must beg your indulgence, as I have been remiss in writing to you. I fear I am not quite myself; indeed, I do not feel at all "the thing." I shall not be indisposed for long, as I have procured a tisane and a medicinal boiled sweet to soothe my cynanche.

I have been grateful for the work of Ms. Georgette Heyer, who kept me company to-day, and also for correspondence from my dearest friend.

This week, I am participating in a silly blog challenge with a handful of other librarians. Our aim is to write five blog posts in the style of Jane Austen. You can follow them here:
@KRidwyn, blogging at Hmmmm
@Girlwithshoess, blogging at Justgirlwithshoes
@jobeaz, blogging at Macaronic
@kalgrl, blogging at Feral Librarian Tales


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