Saturday, November 26, 2011

Technology win! Flight fail.

Well, the great adventure to Perth has gotten off to a slow start. Thirty minutes after our scheduled departure, we’re just starting to board. The other passengers in the waiting area have been friendly and talkative, so we’ve been good-naturedly berating Virgin and wondering what the delay is. Hopefully my ride on the other end has gotten my message about the delay.

So, it’s off to WA for two weeks at the State Library! Music, books, marketing and client services are on the agenda. I’ll be staying with friends of friends – the Canadian and library networks have combined to find accommodation for me. It will be much nicer than living out of a backpackers’ for a fortnight.

I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S as a hotspot to send this post through my Mac – while sitting on the plane. Here’s to technology + libraries!

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