Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bait & Switch

Dear readers,

I'm not sure how many of you there are these days - I know I have some lurkers - but if you have a minute, could you comment below or send me a message? I have changes in mind for my wallflower of a blog and I'd like some input.

At the recommendation of a few friends in my MLIS program, I checked out WordPress, and a username that matches my new Twitter account was available. I've registered with WP but am trying to decide whether to:

abandon Blogger altogether
mirror content on both blog sites
start a new WP blog and continue on Blogger

Is WordPress the way to go? Maybe...I might still decide to stay with Blogger but get a new location (and let juliapoet.blogspot expire) that suits me more. Stories? Yes. Essays? Yes. Poetry? Haven't written any in a long time, unless you count song lyrics.

I don't really want to start a second blog if my first isn't even being read but in part, I write for myself, so if I feel there's enough content for two I may do so. I guess I'm asking what content my readers do and don't want to see - what would be enough to tempt them to follow my ramblings here, or on WordPress.

Are my posts too long? Too personal? Not enough pictures? Too boring or uninteresting? I've been trying to update four times a month so the content here on Randomly Yours isn't stale, but, as the name suggests, I'm not a stickler for what type of personal updates I post.

The WP blog, then, will likely have stricter guidelines for its content. As part of launching my career as a (specialty to be decided later) librarian, I intend to build up my online presence, in particular my professional and library-related profile. Sure I love to cook and take photos of my gastronomical successes, but that doesn't have a place on a library-related blog. *Edit: I intend to get web hosting.

Do you have any tips for me, or ideas for how to shape the content and format of a new blog? Do you have experience in creating your own professional/career-related online presence? Would you be sad if I let Randomly Yours go? What would it take for you to follow me over to WordPress or a new Blogger home? Let me know.

Randomly Yours,


  1. Much to think about

  2. I'm late to the show, as per the norm. I don't think you should give it up. I still come by, albeit seldomly. Which you shouldn't take personally. I read all my blogs once every few months-ish these days!

  3. Hi Julia
    I've just found your blog, so would be happy to check out your next blog too, should you switch.
    I like my Wordpress blog, if that opinion / review helps you at all?! Plus, @katiedatwork got all of us to make Wordpress blogs in Sem II last year for INN333, so you might be starting one then anyway. Just a thought - maybe you could wait til then, then just continue with that blog once the semester finishes... (not that I did tho! I just started a new, more personal one!)
    Anyway, just some thoughts to ponder, shoud you also want to procrastinate finishing your INN332 assignment due on Thurs!
    -- Ceridwyn

  4. That is a good thought, Ceridwyn - I need to get going on my e portfolio as well and thought maybe I could use wordpress for that, but perhaps I'm better to stick to what I know this semester.
    Ah, procrastination by blogging - one of my favourites!