Monday, March 28, 2011

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know... it's been a whole month. I'm sorry. I've been very busy, I promise. And with what's happening in Japan and Libya lately, it seemed almost superficial to just post another book review or recipe, but I couldn't really think of what to say that hasn't already been said by someone with a greater depth of understanding than me.

-And then another week passed while I went on vacation-

Four weeks ago I began a thrilling, terrifying adventure - grad school. Yes, I have re-entered higher education, and am on my way to becoming a librarian! Not the bun-wearing, shushing kind either - but aside from that I don't know what kind of librarian I would like to be. As technology creates more formats to hold information, librarians' jobs change and their roles expand. I don't think libraries will die out anytime soon, they'll just be different from how they're portrayed in movies like The Music Man.

"What do you want to take out?"
"The librarian."

God, I love that line. Robert Preston is gold. And Shirley Jones...I can never pick whether I love her as Marian, Laurey, or Julie best.

Expect to see more library, book and DRM (digital rights management) related posts in the future. It will take me approximately 18 months of full-time study to earn my MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Science), and that's as a follow-up to my English B.A. There's far more to library studies than shelving, cataloguing and microfiche!

Librarian 2.0 - Twitter account, red glasses, nose stud, Kindle and all.


  1. Ah, the Music Man, something I am almost never without, given that my barbershop chorus is the River City Chorus, we practice in Mason City, home of Meredith Willson (who wrote it), and we practice in the Music Man Square, a replica of the town of River City in a building (along with a MM museum + a modern recording studio).

    A librarian! No, I could never imagine you being quite so stuffy, and plus, you're going to be one of those hip ones that knows all the technology bits. :) Good luck in your schooling!

  2. Nathan, I had no idea there was a Music Man Square...thanks for the link, I've checked it out! Guess that makes two reasons for me to visit Iowa. BTW, did you get my postcard?

    Thanks to my new program I know several librarians who are not stuffy in the least. I've heard stories from people who were scared of libraries/librarians as kids, but that was never me, so I guess I've had mainly positive experiences.