Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogging by Glo-Stick

I have just gotten in from watching the Canada Day fireworks - on the other side of the bridge this year. It was fantastic! Last year I watched from Angie's bathroom window (great view without all the crowd-fighting) but this year, it was definitely worth being out there at 8:30 and waiting 2 hours for the show to start.

A group of mostly dancer-friends were huddled together, hot chocolate and licorice at hand, with extra blankets and sweaters providing coziness. I got to be in the middle, being small and without Jody. Tina and I, summer skirt junkies that we are, were a tiny bit cold, but the wind died down just as the fireworks were scheduled to start, and I was quite comfortable. Scott had given us glo-sticks, mostly green ones, so we could find each other. This would have worked so much better if Scott was not among the last to arrive, but still - glo-sticks are fun. And soon, we were surrounded by light that far outshone even Lisa's trio of glo-sticks.

Oh, how I love fireworks. There were twinkly ones. Small spiraling ones. Fizzing ones. Zigzagging ones that exploded in a shower of sparks. Big ones that lingered. Shooting ones that streaked orange through the sky. Red inside white, white inside red, purple and green and gold. The reverb off the buildings behind us was quite impressive. I have never been so close to where they've set the fireworks off before - I now understood why part of the Point had been closed off. Sparks landed in the water only a few hundred feet from us, and I had to crane my neck to see the giant fireworks that sped far out over the water. Wow.

Today marks my 8th anniversary of returning to Victoria. It's been quite an adventure! It's hard to forget the opportunities I gained in moving here when I'm reminded every year that I could still be in Ontario. I have loved living here, but since Jody and I are likely to pack up and move...somewhere, it wouldn't surprise me if this was my last round of fireworks. I'm glad it was a good one.

I can now hear people near my apartment building screaming out O Canada. I do hope to get to sleep before 2 am. Good night all, and thanks for the good times tonight, and for the safe ride home.

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