Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, I must say that I never thought I would title a blog entry "Breasts." But in the interests of the Blog Off for Breast Cancer, here goes!

I have a friend called Ian. (Cue Evette slapping her hand over her mouth--yes, Evette, *that* Ian.) About five years ago, Ian was invited to dinner at my best friend's parents' house. I wasn't there, but our friend who had a little crush on him was, and by the time the evening was over her crush had waned a bit.

The good dishes were on the table, and a nice meal had been prepared. By the time dessert was ready to be served, Ian was full of good food and feeling very comfortable. He began sharing stories about his recent trip to France with his best friend Dave. One of these stories began, "Dave and I found a great beach, eh?"

Turns out it was a topless beach, and Dave and Ian, who were in their early twenties, really enjoyed their afternoon. Ian, who has never been shy or self-conscious to my recollection, thought nothing of sharing his thoughts on the subject of the topless beach. "Bruce," he said to my friend's dad, "I'm sure you'll agree with me. And Margaret, you're a woman. So I just have to say this:
Breasts are beautiful!"

So, there you have it! Breasts are beautiful.

Take it from Ian.

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  1. That's fabulous. My parents loooove to talk about breasts so he would have fit right in at my family's dinner table. Without fail, if I have a guest for dinner, we're talking about boobs.

  2. Ah brother...What a card! But's stuff like that which makes us love him! Great post and not embarressed in the slightest...I wouldn't expect anything less from my baby bro!

  3. No talk of breasts has ever happened at my family's table. I'm not sure anyone's even mentioned them in my parents' house!

  4. Wow. My husband would have enjoyed that conversation... it would have right up his clueless alley! I don't know if Ian is looking for a girlfriend, but I'll bet he'd have better luck if he talked about other things he enjoyed in the company of a prospective date. Heehee. Poor guy.

  5. Just like second thoughts about the impression his conversation will make... but you got to love him.

  6. What, no complimentary photos? ;)

    Yeah, funny how breasts come up a lot at dinner. In general, dinner seems to bring out a LOT of odd conversations about bodies and functions and...yeah. We're strange animals, eh? :)

  7. hehe that's funny, i love unexpected topics like that at dinner

  8. That sounds like a fun dinner party! I am sure my husband would have enjoyed it immensely.

  9. LMAO! Too funny. this doesn't surprise me at all.